Future of “Remote Control Fire Truck” in 2021

How Technology Will Change

The internet of things (IoT), new mobile computing approaches, and electric vehicles are three of the technologies that will transform Remote Control Fire Truck operations by 2021. These trends will impact the way first responders do their job, as well as the ability to save lives, reduce operational costs, and improve situational awareness.

This is a deeper look at how these technologies will enable fire and rescue in 2021.

Electric Remote Control Fire Trucks and Ambulances are on the horizon

Remote Control Fire Truck and ambulances located in urban areas are more likely to make multiple trips than units that are based in remote and rural jurisdictions. These trips are ideal for electric vehicles because they can recharge at the station and eliminate the need to visit the nearest gas station.

Does that sound farfetched? You’d be wrong. Today, prototypes of electric fire engines and ambulances have been tested. An electric fire engine was actually built for Linz’s fire brigade. Although this Mercedes Sprinter-based tactical vehicle, which is powered by an electric motor, is far from a fully-sized ladder truck it is a significant step in the right direction. Rosenbauer’s Concept Fire Remote Control Fire Truck, (CFT), is proving to firefighters that electric vehicles are not only as reliable as diesel trucks but also offer greater benefits and capabilities.

The use of wireless remote controls can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of municipal fire departments. E-ONE, a U.S.-based company that specializes in the engineering, manufacture, and delivery fire trucks, integrates them into its Advanced Aerial Control System, (AACS), to demonstrate the potential it offers to its customers.

E-ONE has partnered up with HBC-radiomatic to add wireless aerial controls to its Remote Control Fire Truck. HBC-radiomatic’s frequency B transmitter and FSE 727 receiver are now integrated into E-ONE’s AACS.

AACS is a high-end, proprietary aerial device control system. It uses the most advanced hardware available to provide more information and functionality to the operator. This includes all vital stats from Remote Control Fire Truck. The spectrum B bellybox transmitter can be used to control cranes and other machines equipped with LCD. There are many configurations available, including push buttons, toggle switches and rotary switches. FSE 727 is an ultra-compact receiver designed for mobile applications.