Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Basketball players should always wear comfortable shoes. The shoes are essential for many aspects of the game. They provide stability, grip and protection to the feet and ankles.

Basketball shoes tend to be tight fitting and have a high arch. These shoes are designed to assist players in properly jumping up. This design is also very important in providing enough comfort throughout the entire game. Shoes that are too tight can cause extreme discomfort for people with wide feet, particularly near their toes. Here are the best basketball shoes that will provide comfort for wide feet.

Nike Overplay IV Basketball Shoes

Nike’s overplay basketball shoes are comfortable with a higher sole and soft padding. The shoe has a large rubber outsole and toe section. These features allow players to relax their toes. The best part about the rubber out lay shoe is that the whole shoe will adapt with the wide feet. This will allow the player to jump landings and recover from landings more comfortably. The foot will stay relaxed and free of injury.

Adidas Pro Model ’08

The Pro model has a large toe and is a very comfortable shoe. Comfortable and supportive, this shoe will be a great choice for women with large or wide feet. This shoe is comfortable for wide feet because of its high ankle and flexible sides. The shoe’s flexibility helps to relax the foot while the player exercises their Achilles tendon, ankle and toes.

Nike Air Flight Scorer

For people with large feet, the Nike Air Flight Scorer will be a great comfort. Comfortable padding and a flexible sole allow the player to control the court smoothly and effectively. These shoes are highly recommended for anyone with a wide foot.

Converse EB2 Boys Basketball Shoe

The EB2 basketball shoe is a good option if your goal is to provide ankle support. This shoe is perfect for those with large feet. The leather upper has a flexible nylon lining. This combination is great for supporting the ankles and can also be used to help with jogging or running. Take a look at this pair if you have ankle pain.


The PILRAHNAIII shoes are a good alternative if your search is for lightweight shoes. These shoes are ideal for those with wide feet or who wish to relax their legs. The shoe’s flexible toe allows for easy running and jogging.