We’re looking at five jd sports case studies of social media from five companies across five industries as part of Delineo’s online marketing report ‘Are You Being Found Online?’ This research is intended to:

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  • These companies show how active they are in social media
  • Different companies have had success in engaging their online audience.
  • What response companies have to negative feedback


JD sports was founded in Bury in 1981 and is one of the most prominent sports-fashion retailers in the UK. It has 500 stores in the UK and had a turnover of PS769.8 millions in 2010.


JD Sports is on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Fashion has 6,310 followers on Twitter, and 289,365 people follow its Facebook page. The company has uploaded 148 clips to its YouTube channel, and the total number of views on the site is 587,350.

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Below is a chart that shows the Twitter activity of on this social network. The account averaged 14 tweets per days during the research period. 3.7% of their updates were spent interacting with other users.

The Twitter account is all about promotion. This account promotes discounts and competitions, giving users the opportunity to win tickets to rugby games, personal training sessions, and official merchandise. The account used the phrase “win” 12 times during the research period. On four Twitter updates, the hashtag #competition appears.

Twitter account posts updates related to sporting events and asks users for their opinions on current news in tennis, rugby, and football.

Published 53 updates to its Facebook page during the research period. Most of the updates featured celebrity photos of celebrities wearing clothes from the store. You can also find a variety promotional updates that offer discounts on specific products and several competitions that you can enter (via JD Sports).


The page also features a YouTube tab. However, it contains a selection pop music videos and not any content from JD Sports.

YouTube offers many promotional videos including advertisements. The company also hosts a variety competitions, such as the chance to be the face of JD Sports advertising. A variety of ads from product companies that it stocks have been uploaded by the company. Nike adverts are the most popular on the channel. These videos have been viewed 227,503 times.

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Twitter is the most popular platform for user interaction. Over the 30-day period of research, Twitter users mentioned the company’s official account 610 times. One of the reasons for 275 mentions was a contest that offered an individual the chance at winning a JD Sports Duffle bag.

There were 2,592 mentions of on Twitter. This did not include the Twitter username.

During the research period, JD Sports’ Facebook page received 328 comments and 1,434 likes. The wall was visited by 274 users. A core group of 30 friends contributed 18.9% of the content.

JD Sports’ most popular posts on Facebook were about celebrity style and music news. A new Nike trainer was the most popular promotional post. This post received 52 likes.


Online sentiment towards JD is heavily negative. Below is a chart that shows the difference in weight between positive and negative conversations on Twitter. This graphic shows the difference in the negative and positive comments made by Twitter users who mention JD Sports’ Twitter account, and those who only refer to the brand.

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61.5 percent of the comments on facebook page are neutral while 30.9% of them are considered to be positive. Only 7.7% of comments are considered negative. JD Sports prohibits users from updating the channel with their own content, explaining the difference between the negative and positive comments on both social media channels.