How to start “Lap Swimming”?

Grab your favorite pair swimming goggles and a lap swimming suit. You are right?

However, those of us who have worked for years around the black line know better.

Swimming is an amazing activity and sport that has a lot of benefits. Swimming is low-impact, a great form of cardio and a way for you to build muscle throughout your entire body. Swimming is a great way to burn a lot of calories.

You can either do it alone or with Jones Racing Products a friend. Or you can train with a team and compete in the laps.

Lap Swimming is a Great Option

These are the key points to remember as you get ready to slip on your swim-suit, goggles, and head down to the lap pool.

Stuff Like

  • What kind of equipment do you need to lap swim?
  • How to create a routine that’s sustainable and motivates you
  • Here is some lap swimming terminology to give an idea of the sport’s language
  • The Beginner’s Guide To Lap Swimming Gear
  • Swimming is easy if you don’t have a lot of equipment.

There are many options for gear. Here are some basics: waterproof fitness trackers, waterproof headphones and waterproof speakers.


  • You will definitely need a swimsuit.

While you might feel tempted to wear a board-short or a bikini for lap swimming, you’ll soon realize that board shorts will make you feel like you’re swimming with a child. Most beach swimwear won’t keep you tucked in as you move around the pool.

The right swimsuit will provide comfort and durability. Polyester is a good choice for training suits. Polyester is one of few fabrics that can withstand the harsh chemicals used in pool chemicals.

There are many sizes and styles available for women. While you have your basic swim training suit for women, there are also some good two-piece suits. For the swimmer who wants to be outside and get some sun protection, we recommend one of our top rash guards for ladies. For maximum skin protection, combine additional coverage with a waterproof sunscreen.

There are many suits that can be worn by men who don’t want to wear the Speedo (aka swim shorts) but still provide the same coverage as a pair or bicycle shorts. Check out my top picks for lap swimming suits, which I recommend to men.