Northway 8: Golf Center ProTracer adds games

CLIFTON PARK >> Since its opening in 1974, the driving range at Northway 8 Golf Golf Center is a place for players to practice before they play.

The facility installed the ProTracer system in 10 range bays this April to improve the practice environment.

ProTracer is the same software that tracks Northway 8 golf balls in major tournaments. Two cameras are located at each end of the driving range and send data back via touch screens to patrons. The technology can be used in four modes, three of them offering a multiplayer option for up to four players.

Northway 8 Golf’s Owner

Scott Hoffman, Northway 8 Golf’s owner, said that it takes the monotony of a regular practice session of hitting a bucket full of balls to a whole different level. “The calibration has been completed, and it is now fully Walter Hagen Clubs functional. We had seen it at major championships and knew it was a high-quality system.

Only the launch monitor mode isn’t part of a competition. The technology provides precise information about every shot, including the distance (carry and total), launch angle, launch angle and height as well as landing angle, hang time, distance to target and side deviation.

Another mode is the points game, where points are awarded to shots that get within the driving range’s pins. You get more points the closer you are to the pin. The 12-shot, four-player contest rewards successful shots and penalizes those who fail to hit the pin.

  • Hoffman stated, “If you are trailing and want to go for broke, you can hit trick shots to try to take the lead.”
  • A long drive competition is another competitive mode that can settle disputes among friends about who can hit it the furthest.

Hoffman stated that this is the first time you can play virtual northway 8 golf outdoors. It is much more accurate than indoor apps because it takes into account the entire ball flight and converts it into the virtual golf course. It’s clear that you are getting precise feedback.

The virtual round can be scored by golfers in three ways: stroke, match play, or scramble.

Northway 8 Golf installed ProTracer in a landscape where studies have shown that the number of golfers has declined since the 2000s. This new technology offers players an affordable alternative that takes less time than traditional 18-hole rounds.

“The first thing that we look at is the industry’s trends and the headwinds that hinder growth. Hoffman stated that time and money are two of the most important things in life. These two factors have not been good for a typical round. We now have the technology to make a round of good-quality northway 8 golf in a fraction of the time it takes. This keeps our facility at the forefront of technology.”

Five bays that are ProTracer-ready will be reserved only, the remaining five bays being available on a first come, first serve basis. ProTracers are made to withstand all elements. The facility plans to be open year-round.

Northway 8 Golf may have made a few changes with the introduction of the ProTracer system. It would be logical to offer food and beverages options to competitions such as weekly leagues or charity events.