Parkview: Football hosts a padded training camp

LILBURN — Although it’s June, it feels like fall at Parkview Football High School on Monday

The Panthers hosted their second annual Parkview football padded football camp at Lilburn High School. They also hosted seven other football programs, including Gwinnett, Hall, and Rockdale Counties.

Eric Godfree, Parkview football coach, said that “we have great teams” and that there are great coaches who come out each year. “As a matter fact, coach (Korey Mobbs) said it best: “Nobody is trying win a state title right now in June.” We are all trying to improve.

Although the camp was physically Basketball Hoodies demanding for a summer camp football, drills and scrimmages were well controlled. As teams trained in two hour segments, players wore shells (helmets and shoulder pads with shorts) and matched up against one another. The first segments were focused on individual offensive/defensive lines, one-on-one passing, and route running drills.

Each segment ended with an 11-on-11, 20 yard scrimmage in which all offensive and defensive lines were used together with skill players to make a first down and score.

GHSA’s Parkview Football Season

Camp falls within the GHSA’s Parkview football season that allows two “full contact” padded practices per semaine with “thud contact,” which is contact in which players run a drill at a competitive speed from the moment of contact to the end with no predetermined winner.

Godfree stated, “It’s a great opportunity for the whole world to play against another team.” It’s part of why we do 7-on-7 for competition. We’re able to compete against each other in shells and it really speeds up everyone’s pace.

Parkview’s two day camp ended Tuesday. Teams will then begin an “acclimation phase” in late July, a few weeks before full practice officially begins.

Parkview’s offensively, Parkview has graduated Christian Malloy and Fred Payton, the starting quarterback. Godfree stated that the Panthers Parkview football team still hopes to improve on their 9-4 2017 season, and to reach the third round of the state playoffs. The Panthers feel a responsibility in adding to the momentum built by Parkview’s 2018 athletics team, which won three state championships in baseball, boys track and field and girls soccer.

Godfree stated, “We like what’s coming back, but that’s going to be slow.” This is why the summer is so crucial. We can be defensive and look good sometimes, but we also know that we have a lot to learn.”