Philadelphia Club Hockey: Prepares Hollydell Ice

Philadelphia Club Hockey prepares Hollydell Ice Arena for NCDC Hockey

The Philadelphia Club Hockey is excited to make its 2020-21 debut at the USPHL’s Tier-2 Tuition-Free National Collegiate Development Conference.

Jim Mackey, owner of the Hollydell Ice Arena, and Philadelphia Club Hockey said that the arena and club have recently completed Sports International a major overhaul, which included 5,000 square feet permanent locker rooms.

Philadelphia Club Hockey 

This includes over 1,800 feet for the exclusive use of the PHC team, which will be entering the NCDC in this fall.

“I purchased the rink in August 2017 and began to gut the entire facility. Mackey said that although I wasn’t sure if we would field an NCDC team or not, I knew where I wanted to take us. “We added a second-floor restaurant [Dunlop’s Bar and Grill]. We created a dryland training, strength and conditioning facility of 4,000 square feet below that.

PHC teams from Youth Hockey to NCDC can benefit from eight new locker rooms as well as improvements to existing spaces. Philadelphia Club Hockey  USPHL Premier team will have an exclusive locker room, while their Midget full-season teams can also use the space. The Philadelphia Club Hockey 15U team won 2018-19 USPHL title.

Mackey wants to make the PHC’s NCDC players feel at home. Inspiration came from a visit to Colgate University.

“We want players spend time at the skating rink. It was modeled after a NCAA Division I room. Our player’s lounge has foosball and video games, as well as a large-screen TV. Mackey said that we have a training area with two tables and a dry changing area for them to change into their dry clothes. Then, there is the main locker with adjoining bathrooms and shower facilities.

He said, “We had just toured Colgate with our 2005 group. We had also seen another space.”

Philadelphia Club Hockey  is proud of its accomplishments and produced a video to promote it. This video was well received by both alumni and current and future PHC players.

Mackey said, “We just released it [April 15]” and the guys have been sending great feedback. “Our entire model was built on the idea of creating a one-stop shop for developing hockey players with all the on-and offline amenities that they need to grow from Youth to Midget up to NCDC.