How to write a “travel-42” blog and what to write

I was having a few drinks at a London Travel-42 Massive and the lady who targeted me with the above had not noticed me. I was actually having midflow conversations when she interrupted my conversation. I was used to her being full of advice and eager to give it, but this question left me confused as much as her demeanour.

It’s not hard to believe that you need at least some ideas about what you want your Travel-42 blog to be about before you even consider setting it up. You should at least have a few posts written so that you have some ideas for style and design.

Since then, I have been asked many times how to create a Travel-42 Blog.

We spoke about our interaction with another Travel-42 blogger and discovered that we had both had lists of articles that we wanted to write but that we were both working full-time at the time.

You cannot win.

You don’t need to be a ‘clueless Cathy,’ but you are struggling to find something to blog about on your Travel-42 site. Here’s some Travel-42 inspiration.

Have a look at the suggestions below for what to write on a Travel-42 Blog and decide which one appeals to your heart. Then, just get started!

How to create a Travel-42 blog

Here are 10 suggestions for Travel-42 bloggers. You might need some ideas for Travel-42 blog writing. Once that happens, your creative juices will flow and you will have plenty of Travel-42 ideas.

These are just a few of the tools you can use to help you get started with your 42 blog.

You can see an example of a Travel blog by visiting my blog. Also, check out this list with the top 40 42 bloggers from the UK. I don’t know if that’s enough to inspire you.

Write about your first vacation

This is a great way to start blogging about Travel. Your first vacation is a great way to tell your readers – I did this after I discovered some Euro Disney memorabilia while cleaning out my bedroom. It was my first trip abroad, and I had kept the sugar packets from Disney for nearly 20 years. To get started, think about how it affected your senses. What are some sounds, smells, and sights that transport you back to that particular moment?

Victoria Philpott, a Travel-42 blogger, says that before you choose a topic, platform, or name, take a deep breathe and close your eyes. Vicky, who blogs alongside her day job suggests that wannabe bloggers begin by conjuring up their most memorable Travel-42 memories and let the story flow.

Write about your locale

London is the top Travel-42 destination worldwide. If you live there, you have enough content to last you for many years. You can find unique events and a unique perspective to write your next article. This is just one example of how my blogging went wrong. I lived in the area for many years and got to know several neighborhoods well. But did I write about them. No. They are straight on the never-ending to-do list.

I spent my first 18 years in a village in the Midlands called Barton-under-Needwood (pop. 5000). I was surprised to find that there is no guidebook on what to do in the area. This is a rare opportunity due to the new developments in the area. Although this might not be the most exciting job, it covers a place you have lived for so many years. However, your insider knowledge will prove invaluable to someone who is interested