7 Most Popular Sports In America 2022

There are many sports fans in the United States of America. Both high school and collegiate levels have mandatory sports. The United States is a diverse country. However, sports play an important role in bringing people together. Here is the list with the top seven most popular sports in America, as there are many sports. This list is based upon the number of viewers.

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7. Golf

Golf is at the seventh spot. Nearly 10% of Americans play golf. 77% of those who play golf in the USA are male, while the rest are female. It is considered one of America’s most beloved pastimes.

6. Tennis

The USA has 17.9 million tennis fans. This country has produced generations of talent like Serena Williams and Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, etc. American children are increasingly attracted to tennis every year.

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5. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a very popular sport in America. An average of 2.6 million people watch a single game of ice hockey. This game is particularly popular in Minnesota, Michigan, and Massachusetts. Ice hockey is popular with those aged 18-45 years.

4. Soccer

Soccer is the fourth most popular sport in America. Soccer is the most played game in the world, and it is becoming increasingly popular in the USA. Washington is the most popular state for soccer, out of many. Despite its popularity worldwide, soccer is still a new phenomenon in American culture.

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3. Baseball

Around 80 million people watched baseball in 1980. The viewership has fallen to 26.8 millions over time. Despite its declining popularity, baseball is still a popular sport in the USA. Americans love it because it requires patience, strategy, and provides thrills in a stressful environment.

2. Basketball

Basketball is the second most popular American sport. Basketball is highly popularized due to its exciting pace and fun tactics. Basketball receives an average of 105 million viewers per game. The most popular basketball league is the National Basketball Association (NBA), which is based in the USA.

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1. American Football

American football is the most watched sport in America. American football is watched by 37% of Americans. It also has the highest live audience with 67,591 more than any other league. It is very popular at both the high school and college levels.