You can challenge your strength, balance, and stability

Bird-Dog’s Heavy Row

The bent-over row is a poor exercise. It can help build upper-body strength. It is easy to forget the correct position, which is bent over at your hips and rowing dumbbells. The spine can be rounded or dropped to the chest. Also, the pressure on the lower back may cause it to buckle. If your weight is too heavy, the torso may bounce. This can create momentum and steal muscle-building potential. These problems can be fixed by this hybrid move.

The bird-dog is a classic for glute activation, trunk control and glute activation. Reach one arm out in front and the other behind with your hands. To perform the heavy bird-dog row, you will do the same but on a bench with a dumbbell in your elevated hand. The row adds an important anti-rotational component. It makes it possible to engage the glutes and trunk muscles in order to ensure stability,” Vernon Griffith, trainer at Virginia High Performance in Virginia Beach says.

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Choose a weight that is 70-80 percent smaller than your usual dumbbell row. Keep the weight below your chest in bird-dog pose. Keep your chin down, keep your back flat, engage your core, and squeeze glutes. Next, slowly pull elbow up towards the rib cage. You should aim for three to four sets of six to eight repetitions each set. Perform all reps on one side and then switch sides.

What do Workout Trainers Do when They Have Only 15 Minutes to Exercise?

Fitness is often the first thing that gets lost in the chaos of work, traveling, or starting a family. Trainers get it. They’re busy, too. Imagine if you were a fitness professional. Wouldn’t you want to exercise after a long day at work? Let’s face it, this is not a difficult task. It’s possible to squeeze in a functional exercise in just 15 minutes.

We asked top fitness professionals from the U.S. what their favorite workout looks like when they have only 15 minutes. Since your quick workouts likely involve hopping on the treadmill and doing slow, tedious work, we were able to tap them. Are we getting close?

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These workouts range from HIIT-torching HIIT routines to burn fat, to complexes that increase strength and endurance. Because you are more motivated and less likely waste time between sets, shorter workouts can be better than long ones.

These next-level workouts are a great alternative to wasting time and telling yourself that you don’t have the time. These workouts are quick and easy, yet they deliver results. Bonus: You can do some of them at home, or in a hotel gym.

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Workout 1: Treadmill Tabata run + Strength Training Intervals

Jordan Gluck is the trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp Los Angeles. He is the manager of West Coast Curriculum.

Gluck explains why it works. “Aerobic exercise is crucial for burning fat,” Gluck states. The tabata-style cardio workout, which is a short bout of intense cardio, can help you lose weight even more. Combine that with interval training and AMRAP (as many repetitions as possible), you have a winning combination. This routine burns fat and builds lean muscles by pushing your body to the limits.

How it works: Complete all-out intervals of 45 seconds. Increase the speed for more challenge. Then, rest for 15 seconds and then get ready for the next set. You should complete 7 sets. Perform the following interval strength-training exercise for as many rounds in as 8 minutes.

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