The New Hot Spot for “Top Golf Doral”

The new Top Golf Doral location is located in Miami-Doral, and is sure to be a popular hangout spot. This new facility boasts over 100 climate-controlled hitting areas, so golfers can play all year in this amazing location. This new location is located in the ideal location to be the next hot spot in the Doral area for all ages.


The extravagant space is ideal for business conferences, private events, and private parties. You can also host small or large casual events. You can also find information about how to book tournaments or fundraisers. For events and parties, there are many packages. Packages include food, drinks and Royal Rac staff to make your experience unforgettable.


Top Golf Doral’s drink menu offers a wide range of beverages for players. You can choose from many of your favorite classics. There are many options for beer, including bottle and draft beers. You can also find a wide selection of mules, margaritas sangrias, sangrias, and wines. Each drinker can find their favorite. Top Golf Doral offers their “Golf Bags”, which come with a take-home mug. You can choose from a citrus cabana or pineapple punch bag, as well as a top golf doral margbag. Top golf doral is the place to be for a night of drinking and extravagant golf!


The Top Golf Doral Family is not only an expert in food but also has top-of-the-line chefs who create delicious menu options. They currently offer summer menus that include bacon mac ‘n cheese spring rolls and jumbo pretzel board, grilled “backyard”, wings, sliders as well as flatbreads, burgers, and many other delicious options. There are also kids menus. You can also order a dessert menu with silver dollar s’mores, ice cream cones and injectable donuts. You will love each bite of the injectable donut hole! There are three flavors available.


Top Golf Doral is open Monday to Thursday, 9:00am – 1:00am, Friday and Saturday, 9:00am-2:00am, Sunday 9:00am- 12:00am. Everyday Brunch is available. For those who are interested, lessons and classes can be arranged. Book a space online to book a place for your event. Prices are per bay and can accommodate up to six people. Call or go online to make a booking. There are many Top Golf Doral Family locations across the country. International locations will soon be available. We hope to see you at the bays. Enjoy your game!